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Learn Welsh is a free online resource for beginners learning Welsh and offers a complete set of Welsh tutorials, practice games and quick tests for over 100 Welsh topics, all free. There are 6 free games you can play with any topic at Learn Welsh:

Mix and match

Beetle + bee


Four in a row


Spelling game

How does Learn Welsh work?

With Learn Welsh you complete a set of simple tutorials to learn your chosen topic language, play a series of Welsh games to reinforce that learning and can then take the two Welsh tests to check your progress.

The resource is suitable for both children and adults learning Welsh as a second language. Learn Welsh is designed to make your dysgu Cymraeg both fun and really productive!

1. Topics

Choose a Welsh topic

Start by choosing a topic to learn from our 100+ free beginner and intermediate topics, all with full audio.

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2. Tutorials

Simple Welsh tutorials

Learn your topic with our quick and easy to use Welsh tutorials with 4 free lessons in each.

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3. Games

Fun Welsh games

Choose from 6 fun Welsh games including Hangman, Pelmanism and The beetle and the bee.

Our suggested route through the resource is:

  1. Select from the 100+ free Welsh topics
  2. Learn that topic with our simple Welsh tutorials
  3. Play some fun Welsh games with the topic
  4. Take the two Welsh tests for the topic

Over 100 free Welsh topics to choose from!

Our Learn Welsh website makes learning beginner Welsh online fun and fast. Learners can choose between beginner (primary/elementary) topics with 10 items of basic Welsh, and intermediate (secondary) topics with 20 Welsh words, phrases or sentences, all with audio and texts plus a picture that clearly illustrates that language item.

You can use the website both to learn new Welsh and for Welsh revision. Learners can use Learn Welsh to support their school work or as an independent resource for extending their Welsh vocabulary and grammar. The Welsh you will learn is from the UK national curriculum for 8 - 16 year olds but the language is suitable for anyone from the age of 5 starting to learn Welsh for the first time.

Our Learn Welsh, lessons and tests are free to use for both desktop computers and tablets, including iPads.

Using Learn Welsh

If you are a Welsh learner...

Start learning with Learn Welsh by clicking here to choose a topic or on the '1 Start' button at the top of the page. Once you have selected a topic, go through the lesson before you start playing the games. All the activitites are short and easy to use and there is a help section for every activity if you get stuck. Just click on the question mark on the left of the activity to read the help, then click on 'back to top' to return to the activity.

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Welsh tutorial for the topic Animals - pets

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We also have a YouTube channel for Welsh learners with lots of video tutorials!

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