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Aim: To match pictures to written words
Drag the picture over the right box to tidy up the play room. Points are added and taken away automatically. Click the boxes to hear the language for each box.
Numbers - to 100 (1)
Numbers - to 100 (1)

MIX AND MATCH game to learn Numbers to 100 in Welsh

Drag and drop game: match picture blocks to labelled Welsh boxes to tidy the room

With our Mix and match game for "Numbers to 100" you will be learning the Welsh vocabulary for the topic Numbers to 100. The language you will learn is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 10 Numbers that are multiples of 10 up to 100.

2dau ddegtwenty
3tri degthirty
4pedwar degforty
5pum degfifty
6chwe degsixty
7saith degseventy
8wyth degeighty
9naw degninety
10cantone hundred

In this game we are in a room with lots of toys - and the room needs clearing up - you need to put the play blocks back in the right boxes to tidy the room and win the game...but which is the right box for each block?

Well, you can work that out by comparing the picture on the block with the Welsh writing beneath each of the boxes - you should drag the block into the box whose Welsh text matches the picture.

You can listen to the spoken Welsh for each word or phrase by clicking on the individual boxes. There are 5 blocks to clear up - but if you put them in the wrong boxes, there will be more... Anyway, tidy is good and practicing Welsh is better so start now and see how you get on...

This game reinforces the Welsh you learned or revised in the lesson by asking you to match each picture to the correct word or phrase. If you are older you may not like the childish reference to toys, but don't worry - there are other games to play and who knows - you might like a trip down memory lane?

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How to play Mix and match to learn Numbers to 100 in Welsh

Play Mix and match to learn Welsh at learn-welsh.net

There are 5 blocks that need putting away to tidy the play room. Drag (they are heavy..) the blocks to the correct boxes.

  1. Click on "PLAY" on the settings page to start the game.
  2. You see the first picture block and 3 possible boxes to put it in.
  3. Beneath each box is a Welsh word or phrase.
  4. Click on a box to hear the spoken audio for that vocabulary.
  5. Click on the picture block and drag it to the box where it belongs.
  6. If you are correct, the block will stay in the box, the ball will roll and the teddy bear will do a little jump!
  7. If you are wrong, a wrong sound will play and the block will jump back to where it was.
  8. Clear all 5 picture blocks to complete the game.
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